Sunday, May 9, 2010

SharePoint File Not Found error after creating new site

Occasionally I will create a new site based off a custom site template and when it is completed I get the following error.

          File Not Found

It drives me crazy because I always forget what my fix was! Anyways, at least for me, my problem is always that I am creating a new site off of a custom template that was originally created on a different site collection then the one I am creating this site in.

Thus my problem is always that it cannot find one of the following items that are unique to each Site Collection.

    • Master Page
    • Feature Activated
    • Web Part
    • List Template
    • Custom Column or Content Types

Now you might think, I copied or uploaded the same Master Page, or List Template etc. to this site collection before creating the site. Well, that may be so but it can still cause this error.

First you need to get to your Site Actions Site Settings by adding /_layouts/settings.aspx to your URL. Then I usually start with my Master Page and even if it already says Default.aspx is selected, I re-select the default master page again and click OK and that usually solves my problem.

Then I make sure all the same Features are selected, and Content Types, etc. The hardest is if I do all the above and it is still there, then it is usually a custom List. In that case I go to View All Site Content /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx  and delete the list and create another one.

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  1. thank you, this fixed my issue.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have also found another link for fixing SharePoint file not found error.

  3. This info really helped. Thank you!

  4. Thanks , this saved a critical timeline. Thank you.